Finance Report

Dresden, TN (July 13, 2013) — Angela Callis, candidate for State House District 76, announced today that she out raised incumbent Andy Holt during the second quarter fundraising period.


“We must put politics aside and start working for the people of the 76th District. Unlike my Republican opponent, who got his money from special interests and PACs, my contributions came from hardworking men and women across the district, Callis continued. “They believe in my campaign because they know that I will respect their voice in Nashville not the voices of big money and special interest.”


Angela has raised $16,051, Independent candidate Bennie Castleman raised $8,565, while Holt raised $6,200. Callis’ financial report included contributions from over 40 donors with an average contribution of $400. Callis is supported by many notable leaders like Democratic Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh and District Attorney General Tommy Thomas.


“Our state government is not working anymore. We need leaders who respect the people of the district and I am ready to be that leader. I am happy to have so much support from so many great leaders in our community,” Callis said.


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