NASHVILLE, Sept. 22, 2016 – – Tennessee Voters for Animal Protection (TVAP), a non-partisan
political action committee (PAC), released its list of endorsed candidates in 29 state legislative races today.
“We are excited to announce our endorsements for the general election,” said Anjie Crow, TVAP’s
president. “We’ve never endorsed this many candidates in the general election before and are very pleased
that there are so many animal-friendly candidates this year. It’s proof that animal protection issues are
more important in Tennessee than ever and that there are many candidates who are willing to ensure
animals have a voice in Tennessee.”
District 14 – Gayle Jordan (D) District 20 – Steve Dickerson (R) District 22 – David Cutting (D)
District 2 – Bud Hulsey (R) District 13 – Gloria Johnson (D) District 20 – Bob Ramsey (R)
District 21 – Pamela Weston (D) District 32 – Tyler Overstreet (I) District 37 – Becky Goff (D) District 41 – John Mark Windle (D) District 44 – William Lamberth (R)
District 46 – Amelia Morrison Hipps (D) District 48 – Bryan Terry (R)
District 50 – Bo Mitchell (D) District 53 – Jason Powell (D) District 57 – Susan Lynn (R)
District 60 – Darren Jernigan (D) District 63 – Glen Casada (R) District 67 – Joe Pitts (D)
District 69 – Dustin Evans (D) District 74 – Andy Porch (D) District 76 – Angela Callis (D)
District 82 – Craig Fitzhugh (D) District 86 – Barbara Cooper (D) District 88 – Larry J. Miller (D)
District 89 – Roger Kane (R) District 91 – Raumesh Akbari (D) District 93 – G. A. Hardaway (D)
District 96 – Steve McManus (R)
TVAP’s political support for candidates is based solely on animal protection issues. Methods used to
determine endorsements may be questionnaires and/or combined results of TVAP Scorecards. Tennessee
Voters for Animal Protection is a PAC dedicated to electing animal-friendly candidates and unifying voters by
creating a powerful voting bloc, ensuring animals have a voice in Tennessee. For more information, please
visit http://www.tnanimalprotection.org.

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