Women for Tennessee’s Future

Angela Callis is running for State Representative in west Tennessee’s District 76, which includes Martin and parts of CarrollObion, and Weakley counties. Angela is a former staff member for Governor Ned McWherter, a Democratic State Executive Committee Member, and a small business owner. She supports WTF values of affordable health care, quality public education, and equal pay.

Here is Angela in her own words:

I am running because of the division I have seen in the legislature over the years. The lack of action on common sense issues pressed me to get out of my comfort zone to help my community. We need someone who will fight to get us the resources that working families in our district need to have a better future. When we invest in local teachers and schools we help our kids and we attract more good companies that bring quality jobs for our families. I believe it comes down to making sure we get our fair share – whether it’s our schools, roads, or investment in jobs.

Insure TN will insure 280,000 people in the state. It will create good paying jobs and save our rural hospitals. Women across the state lack quality, affordable healthcare and Insure TN will ease that burden. So many women in my district are teachers, and quality education is the foundation to a strong community. Education allows all to excel. What is good for women is good for Tennessee. It is good for the economy for women to make the same as men for the same amount of work. Not only that, but it’s the right thing to do.

The citizens of District 76 deserve an advocate who will fight to improve the lives of working families in Tennessee. Angela Callis will be that advocate.



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